Monday, August 19, 2013

Another part of Written Fireside and a new Fire Writer

I listened with such rapt attention to Romy's part

 that my marshmallow caught fire and burnt to ashes.

 Perhaps I shouldn't have sipped down that second glass of wine.  

Oh well, there's more 'mellows in the bag.

While I speared a new glob of sugary goodness a friend walked up and we invited her to join in the fun. 

 Romy and Charlotte scooted apart to make room for our next fire writer.

Please welcome the lady who was kind enough to have two weeks of Harper Impulse authors on her blog AJ's Tattered Pages, yes that's right we convinced AJ Nuest to pull up a chair.

Fire Writer AJ Nuest -   Website  Facebook  Twitter 
Her book  She's Got Dibs

AJ will write part 5 - available on her blog August 24

If you haven't read Written Fireside "For Clara" yet 

check it out now

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