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Fire Writer Friday - Sarah Lefebve

Cowboy Marvin loves listening to the Written Fireside stories and is having great fun learning a little more about the Fire Writers  

Graciously, those who have authored a part of the round robin story have agreed to stop by, one each Friday, and visit with my curious goat. 

Stopping by this Friday is

Sarah Lefebve       

Howdy Ms. Lefebve, thanks for coming to visit me.

So let's jump right in, are you a night owl or early bird? 

Night owl, I am rubbish in the mornings - although I have had to get better since having two children! Fortunately we have somehow created not one but two children who like to sleep in, My youngest isn't even a year old yet and even he likes to sleep in until 8am most mornings! I'm sure any mothers out there reading this will now hate me! I am definitely a night owl - my husband and I can often be found still tapping away at our laptops at 1 or 2am! 

Greens are getting scarse now.  I love you humans who not only stay up late but teach your kids to do so as well, less competion among the brush for me.     

So who would you be, Batman or Robin?

I would be Batman as I don't like being told what to do! And I think Robin gets told what to do my Batman doesn't he?!

I'm not sure about the outfit though!

I see what you mean about the outfit.  It's seriously flawed, only two legs.  I could be a wonderful superhero if only there a proper outfit was available.  

Tell me, would you take a taxi or a limo if they were the same price?

Taxi I am not a showy person at all and don't like drawing attention to myself so I'd definitely take the taxi! 

For you my lovely lady, a goat powered taxi!

My husband LOVES cars and often dreams about the day(NEVER!)that he will be able to afford a Lamborghini. It really annoys him that I say if we ever won the lottery I'd keep my Qashqai +2!!

I think your husband would enjoy this taxi.

Do you like music?  What was the last song you listened to?  

Rene Olstead. 

A Love that Lasts Forever. 

It is the song played at Hilda's wedding in Ugly Betty(my current favourite show thanks to the box set my husband bought me for my birthday). I loved the song the first time I heard it, downloaded and now listen to it all the time. I tend to do that - love a song and then play it incessantly until 
I hate it!

Have you ever listened to goat music?  You'll be hooked from the first note. 

How about your taste in movies, do you like scary, comedy, romance or adventure?

I love a good romance so I think that's what I'd choose. 

I agree, there is nothing like a good romance, when my human brings me fresh hay, my heart goes piddy-patter.  

However - our best friends are total horror movie nuts and every time we get together it's tradition to watch a really horrible one. 

Nooooooo not horror films!  They scare me.

Thankfully they live at the other end of the country so my nerves have chance to recover after each one!

That's a relief.   

Tell me what season do you like best, Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall? 

I love the summer. I hate wearing socks (which is crazy as I have the coldest feet in the world), long sleeves or coats so I am not really suited to any other season than summer!

In reguards to wearing socks, I totally agree.  I haven't worn a sock since I was a kid.  

Would you tell me a place you've never been to but would love to visit? 

Texas!! I love the States and have travelled a lot there. I went right across from East to

West via Amtrak when I was a student and when I finished university I lived in Maryland for a year as an aupair - but one place I have never managed to get to yet is Texas - and I'd love to go there. I'd buy a cowboy hat and wear it the whole time! And I'd have to visit Southfork!

Everyone should buy and wear cowboy hats.  I love mine.  I think I look quite dapper in it, don't you?

 Would you swim in the ocean or a pool? 

I am definitely a pool girl - sand is just too messy! We went on holiday recently and our hotel was right on the beach - but the only time I ventured on to it was to write our names and the date in the sand and take a photo so that I could use it as a time marker in my latest photobook!

Can I hang out in the pool with you?  I find floating to be quite relaxing.

So how would you go camping - sleeping bag under the stars, tent, trailer, fancy RV, or a hotel with room service?

I've been camping before but I'd be lying if I said I loved it! I definitely like my home comforts so I think I'd book into the nearest hotel! 

Can I recomend the Royal Goat Hotel? With a goat staff, whatever the task, whatever your need, a goat will see it done better.  We are amazing creatures. Seriously.  

If my friend Liz reads this she'll raise her eyebrows - she's trying to get me to go camping with her - with our kids.....I should for them I guess!

I'm packed and ready to head out.  If you've never taken a goat camping you're missing out on a special experience.  We are affectionate, nimble, and can eat just about anything we find in the woods.  In short the perfect companion.

One last question.  A goat walks through your door right now wearing a cowboy hat.  What does he say and why is he there?

He has heard that my kids have been creating untold washing lately and he is here to help me out! He has an apron on and he's ready to get stuck in to my chores!! 

He says "Show me where you keep your washing powder and go and get on with your writing!"

Sarah Lefebve, a fellow Harper Impulse author, wrote for
Written Fireside October - A Witch By Chance Part 5
And will be writing for 
Written Fireside: His Way Home Part 2 on November 19th.

Sarah's debut book, The Park Bench Test, is available now on Amazon.

How do you know when you’ve found Mr Right?

Aspiring journalist Becky Harper loves her boyfriend Alex, but she doesn’t think he’s Mr Right.

Her best friend Emma doesn’t believe in Mr Right – she’s just looking for a man who will stick around longer than her dad did.

Katie has found her Mr Right and is planning her September wedding with her two best friends.

Debut author Sarah Lefebve asked her own friends and family how they knew they had found the elusive Mr Right and then turned their honest – and often surprising – answers into this charming, emotional and downright funny romance about three friends and their search for Mr Right – if he even exists that is…

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Thanks for stopping by Sarah!

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