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Fire Writer Friday - Zara Stoneley

Cowboy Marvin loves listening to the Written Fireside stories and is having great fun learning a little more about the Fire Writers  

Graciously, those who have authored a part of the round robin story have agreed to stop by, one each Friday, and visit with my curious goat. 

Stopping by this Friday is

Zara Stoneley           

Hi Ms. Stoneley, thanks for coming by.

Are you a night owl or early bird? 

I actually love mornings, but it is SO hard to get me out of bed early 
(I’ll do it for an early morning flight to somewhere exotic and that’s about it!). 

But I don’t like laying in too late – it’s just I’d rather not get up before 8am! But once I’m up, had a shower and two cups of coffee…

And I need to get to bed before midnight or I turn into a grumpy old witch, hehe. (Or should that be cackle, cackle?!) 

Does that mean I’m a real middle-of-the-day person?!

It means that from sunup until 8am, I will have no competition in the field from you.  

More greens for me, nom nom nom.   

Moving right along, who would you be, Batman or Robin?

Me? Erm, I’m not sure the outfit would suit me, especially those pointy ears. 

Can I be Wonder Woman? But if I had to choose between them – Batman.

I suppose you could be both but you'll need an extra pair of hot pants like those Ms. Harrington owns.

Tell me, would you take a taxi or a limo if they were the same price?

Limo – I love the idea of getting out of a limo in my jeans, t-shirt and converses outside the local pub! There will be champagne, won’t there? And chocolate truffles?

I'm unsure about the goodies available, but on a Hippie Limo there would be plenty of room for a special goat. 

Do you like music?  What was the last song you listened to?  

Who Knew, Pink.

Interesting, a woman named a color.  

That's almost as cool as a goat sharing the name of an alien who wants to blow up the earth. 

How about your taste in movies, do you like scary, comedy, romance or adventure?

Either a romantic comedy, or an action movie with humour in it. My ideal film has a hunk I can stare at, and lines that make me smile – you know what they say about a man who can make you smile, don’t you? Or, maybe you don’t seeing as you’re a goat.

I don't know about staring at men but they made an entire film about men staring at goats.  We are irresistible.

Tell me what season do you like best, Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall? 

All – but in different proportions! I love Spring, all that promise of nice things to come. A long hot Summer is mmmm. Fall is gorgeous – glorious, mellow colours, romantic walks wrapped up warm, picking up conkers, kicking up leaves. 

And Winter is nice if it doesn’t last long – an ideal excuse for drinking whisky by the log fire and admiring the snow from inside! 

So my ideal year is a very short Winter, a slightly longer Spring (can’t hang about waiting for too long), a normal length Fall (but without rain), and a nice long, hot Summer!

Hmm.  Sounds very nice.  Can I make one suggestion?

Would you tell me a place you've never been to but would love to visit? 


I've ‘met’ lots of great people on social media who live in Australia – I want to go out there and party with them!

Oh yes, I want to travel to Australia too.  

I'd love to meet Gary the goat.   

 Would you swim in the ocean or a pool? 

I don’t like swimming! A paddle in the ocean, or a quick dip in a pool to cool down is my limit.

Humans say a picture speaks a thousand words.

So how would you go camping - sleeping bag under the stars, tent, trailer, fancy RV, or a hotel with room service?

Now that depends on how persuasive the guy I’m with is…..

What if a handsome goat said, 

"Please" ?

One last question.  A goat walks through your door right now wearing a cowboy hat.  What does he say and why is he there?

‘You said you wanted a cowboy – 

well, here I am!’ 

I guess word got around how much I love a guy in a cowboy hat.

Zara Stoneley is a fellow Harper Impulse author and a Fire Writer for 

November 7th 2013

Zara released 

Summer of Surrender
Sex is the only thing they have in common. Total surrender the name of the game.

James had it all. Good education. City job and a wife he would have been willing to die for. Their motto had been work hard, play hard, but she’d pushed the boundaries too far and he’d walked. Became the man he felt he needed to be. Detached. In control.

Free spirit Kezia lives each day at a time; sharing, loving and giving are unconditional. And sex is part of the sharing.

When fate leaves James and Kezia trapped together for the summer, her openness is an invitation he just can’t resist. The attraction is instant, the sex all-consuming. And as their fantasies become reality, James begins to realise that willing surrender is a far different pleasure to forced submission…


Her fingers were drawn to the battered guitar case and she hesitated for a moment before unzipping it, pulling out the instrument and running her fingers over the polished wood. The one thing of any value that she had, the one thing that had the power to nourish her soul. The one constant left in her life, her companion. The corners of her mouth twitched, she sounded like a soppy, sorry for herself idiot. A good job it was all in her head and not out loud for macho man James to hear. 

She perched on the corner of the bed, then slowly started plucking at the strings. Watched her reflection in the dressing table mirror as her fingers moved. She did look a mess. He must have thought she was a right drop-out. Which she was in a way. She’d been called hippy chick, weirdo, gyppo and worse in her time. That’s what being brought up by parents with different attitudes and beliefs did to your reputation. . But she did miss them. And she missed Simon, even though she knew she had to leave him. 

Was it only yesterday when she’d been in his arms? Yesterday when he’d cupped her face in his hands. ‘You’re leaving aren’t you?’ 

She’d nodded. 

‘Why? We’re okay.’ 

Yeah, okay. Just okay. And they were, they fitted easily together. He held her when she needed him to, kissed her gently when he wanted to make love, took her with an infinite care that made her heart ache. 

They’d made love just before she’d left for the airport. Deep inside she knew he was hoping she’d change her mind, that he could change her mind. But neither of them said it. And deep inside she knew that it was time to say goodbye, to move on, that changing her mind would be a mistake she wasn’t prepared to make. They’d lain naked on an old soft blanket that he always had in the back of the car, under the shade of a tree so that the warmth of the air bathed them, not the heat of the sun. 

‘I love you, Kez.’ His blue gaze locked with hers. Trusting, open honest. 

She linked her fingers through his. ‘I love you too, Simon.’ And she did. In her own way. The way that said she trusted him, she liked to be in his arms, he made her laugh…. 

‘You don’t have to go, or I can come with you.’ 

And the burning tears caught at the back of her throat as his soft full lips took hers. He always made love to her gently, almost reverentially, but this time there had been an edge of desperation too and it made her sadder than any tears or pleas could have done.

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