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Fire Writer Friday: Elise Forier Edie

Cowboy Marvin loves listening to the Written Fireside stories and is having great fun learning a little more about the Fire Writers.

Graciously, those author who participate in the round robin stories have agreed to stop by, on certain Fridays, and visit with my curious goat.

Stopping by this Friday is

Elise Forier Edie

Author & Fire Writer for 

Hello Ms. Edie,I'm happy to see you.  

Tell me, are you a night owl or early bird? 

Early Bird. 

I was an unapologetic night owl until I became a mom. Then I was up at five and six in the morning every dang day until I learned to love it.

I totally agree.

Kids change your life. 

So, who would you be, Batman or Robin?

Robin. I’m not a brooder. 

Plus, a super pretty costume.

The cape is a wonderful touch.

I love mine.

Isn't red a delicious color?

Moving on, would you take a taxi or a limo if they were the same price?

I’d rather walk, but I’ll take the limo, and revel in it. Martini, anyone?

I mentioned riding in a limo to my human. 

The experience wasn't quite how I imagined it would be. 


Tell me, what was the last song you listened to?   

Carly Simon’s version of “The Love Is Growing.” I heard it in a bookstore when I was a little kid, looking at Oz books, and was utterly transfixed. I had no idea who sang it for more than forty years. And then this week, I found the song on iTunes. It was Carly the whole time. Amazing.

Carly?  Hmmm, have you heard of Karel Simon?
Staring at a Goat

I can't resist songs about goats

What about your taste in movies, do you like scary, comedy, romance or adventure?

Scary and adventure. The two together are great, especially if they’re well done.

Scary... scares me. But I love adventures.

The blackberry leaves are so tasty on the other side of the fence.

What season do you like best, Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall? 

SUMMER! Beach! Sun! Barbecue! 
School’s out!

Summer is great as long as you have a hat. 

The sun can be brutal.    

Would you tell me a place you've never been to, but would love to visit?

Oh, the list is so long. Today I would like to go to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. 

Tomorrow? Ireland!

Yum, I want to go to Ireland too.

It's so green. 

There must be nom noms everywhere.

Tell me, would you swim in the ocean or a pool?


To me, it’s meditation, spiritual uplift, artistic inspiration and the best toy ever all rolled into one.

I don't know. The ocean looks pretty but I've heard that there are big creatures with huge, sharp teeth that live in salty water. 

How would you go camping - sleeping bag under the stars, tent, trailer, fancy RV, or a hotel with room service?

They all sound WONDERFUL! But … I’ll take a tent with an option to sleep under the stars, if the weather’s warm. (I have just plain frozen to death too many times after blithely unrolling my sleeping bag to leave that darned tent at home. At this stage of my life it’s an essential fallback option.)

I said it before, and I'll say it again... tents are a lot of fun.


One last question.  A goat walks through your door right now wearing a cowboy hat.  What does he say and why is he there?

The Goat says, “She ought to know her way to the ticket office, even if she doesn’t know her alphabet,” because he jumped straight from Through the Looking Glass to my living room and … why not?

Elise was a Fire Writer for 

Elise Forier Edie is an author of paranormal romance and horror novels, as well as several stories and popular plays with magical and speculative elements. Her most recent publications include "The Wicked Child," in an anthology of Krampus stories edited by Kate Wolford, her full-length play “The Pink Unicorn” by Indie Theatre Now, and three short plays for young actors in the anthology "Original Middle School Scenes and Monologues" edited by Kent R. Brown. 

Her latest release is a paranormal romance
The Devil in Midwinter 
 World Weaver Press

A handsome stranger, a terrifying monster, a boy who burns and burns... 

Mattawa, Washington, is usually a sleepy orchard town come December, until a murder, sightings of a fantastic beast, and the arrival of a handsome new vintner in town kindle twenty-year-old reporter Esme Ulloa’s curiosity
and maybe her passion as well. 

But the more she untangles the mystery, the more the world Esme knows unspools, until she finds herself navigating a place she thought existed only in storybooks, where dreams come alive, monsters walk the earth and magic is real. 

When tragedy strikes close to home, Esme finds she must strike back, matching wits with an ancient demon in a deadly game, where everything she values stands to be lost, including the love of her life.

The Devil in Midwinter
is available on Amazon


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