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This writer of fiction, both romance and fantasy, was born, raised and still lives in Oregon.  I fell in love with reading as soon as I learned how and getting lost in a story remains one of my favorite pastimes.  As far back as I can remember I made up stories, to calm my little sister after a nightmare, write in countless notebooks never again to see the light of day, and on occasion to shyly show to one of my favorite uncles (Hi Uncle D ).

I earned a BS of Multidisciplinary Studies from Eastern Oregon State College, am married to my best friend, and am Mama to the smartest, most handsome sons in the cosmos, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and a couple of very spoiled dogs.  When not writing I love to read, hike, camp, rock hound, and take long walks with my husband just after it rains.

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  1. Lori- I am the great great granddaughter of Herbert Percy Rolfe’s brother Eugene. HP and Mattie met in Columbus, Ohio which is where I live.


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