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First Fight Friday: From the Outback by Ann B. Harrison

Goats solve their differences head-on. They don’t give the silent treatment or yell, they butt heads, and then it’s over.

Cowboy Marvin has learned humans resolve issues differently especially those romantically involved. His curiosity sparked, he has invited authors to stop by on Fridays and share the first fight out of their latest book.

Ann B. Harrison 
is here for ...

First Fight Friday 

with a scene from 

From the Outback

"I'll call you." Mason pushed Sami into the car and ran around to his side, sliding into his seat and starting the engine. He whipped the car into reverse and spun the tyres in his haste to keep up with the ambulance. It was already down the driveway, the lights and sirens blaring.

"If anything happens to him you are dead."

Mason looked over at Sami, the quiet words ringing in his ears. She was obviously upset and he turned his attention back to the vehicle in front of them and the trip to the hospital.

When they pulled into the emergency bay, Sami jumped out of the car and rushed to the ambulance before they had Garth out of the door. Mason followed, his earlier good mood gutted. Garth was an interesting young man who knew exactly what he wanted. He was knowledgeable and keen, something Mason was happy to help nurture given the chance.

He was prepared to offer the kid a job if he wanted it and encourage him to do the course in town he was keen on. Fingers crossed he came through this safely without any side effects.

Mason reached Sami's side and slipped his arm over her shoulders. She glared at him and shrugged it off.

The doctors hurried to the bedside and the medics filled them in.

"Asthma attack, Ventolin administered, oxygen levels still low, thready pulse."

"Get them out." The doctor spoke crisply to the nurse who approached Sami and Mason, whipping the curtain closed between them.

"Please go and take a seat in the waiting area. The doctors need to work on your brother and we will let you know how he is as soon as we can."

"No, I'm not leaving him." Sami pushed the nurse out of the way and tried to go back into the emergency cubicle where Garth lay.

Mason reached her in a couple of quick strides and put his arms around her. "You have to listen. They don't need you in the way."

She slapped him squarely across the cheek, the sound reverberating in the room.

I really don't think I deserved that.

Mason rubbed his face and laughed bitterly. "If it makes you feel better, have another go, Sami. Fact is, the doctors want you out of the way so they can work on Garth. You are coming with me, like it or not."

He picked her up in his arms and turned to the waiting room. "Here or outside in the sun?"

She was glaring at him while the tears slowly filled her eyes. Her chin wobbled as they slid down her cheeks falling on his arm. "Take me outside."

"We'll be outside by the door." Mason turned and walked out with Sami shaking in his arms. He found a seat and sat down cradling her against his chest letting her sob until she was spent.

Copyright © Ann B. Harrison

From the Outback by Ann B. Harrison

Although desperate to get out of her dead end job, Sami is cynical when she hears of an inheritance from the grandfather she never knew. But once she and her young brother arrive in the beautiful valley, she discovers they are not wanted...especially by the sexy vineyard owner next door. Will she persevere and make a home for them, or give in and take the easy money when the going gets tough?

From the Outback is available to buy from Amazon

Ann's bio:

Ann swears she was born with a book in her hands and has never put it down. A lifelong love of reader has finally culminated in achieving her dream of writing...and publication.

She lives in the beautiful Hunter Valley with her own handsome hero of many years. Ann has always loved the ups and downs of life in small communities and she shares this with readers in her rural romances.

Strong sexy heroines with a good dash of sass thrown in feature in her stories. Of course these women need an equally strong hero. Bring on the outback hero and watch the passion ignite.

When not writing Ann enjoys reading, gardening, walking her very large dog Hugo and fighting with her computer.

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First Fight Friday: The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge by Lori Connelly

Goats solve their differences head-on. They don’t give the silent treatment or yell, they butt heads, and then it’s over.

Cowboy Marvin has learned humans resolve issues differently especially those romantically involved. His curiosity sparked, he has invited authors to stop by on Fridays and share the first fight out of their latest book.

I'm offering up my own work this Friday, next week Cowboy Marvin is delighted to have Ann Harrison.


First Fight Friday 


The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge by Lori Connelly 

“I want you to not drink yourself into a stupor whenever life gets a little hard.”

“A little hard,” Ben bit out.

“Yes, like when we lost-”

“I’m not talking about our son now.”

Evie held his gaze, silent, until the ache in her chest subsided. “I wasn’t referring to James.”


“I meant when the Blakes-”

“Stole my horses.”

“Well you did catch them on their ranch and-”

“I didn’t know I was on their land.”

She gave him a soft-spoken reassurance. “I know.”

“Months of hard work gone.”

“I know.”

“Then you should understand.” Anger made his words harsh.

“I know it’ll be a struggle to recover but it’s doable.”

Ben snorted. “Impossible.”

“As long as you continue down the path you’ve chosen, I agree.”

“What do you mean?” Tone wary, his eyes narrowed.

“Well, for one thing, you shouldn’t cheat our neighbors.”

“Excuse me,” His face a study of outrage but in his voice notes of defiance and satisfaction rang clear.

Evie stood. “You sold Spice.”

“We needed the money,” his gaze shifted, wouldn’t quite meet hers.

“You didn’t say he was only green broke and needed more training. That horse was no where near ready for a young rider to handle.”

He lifted one shoulder. “Let the buyer beware.”

A sick feeling settled in her gut. Evie shook the shirt she held out hard. To have a moment, steady her thoughts, she moved over to where the rest of her wet clothes hung and threw it over a free branch to dry. She drew in a breath then turned to face him again.

“Eddie Talbert was thrown.”

His face impassive, Ben didn’t say a word, showing no remorse. Her heart sank, but hope died hard and Evie prayed that some remnants of the man she’d married lay hidden under that brittle shell.

“He broke his arm.”

“He didn’t die.”

Stunned, she couldn’t hide her shock. “Ben.”

“What? I should feel sorry some little rich boy took a tumble?”

“Yes you should and accept responsibility for your part in it.”

“I didn’t put him on the horse.”

“No but you didn’t tell-”

“Drop it,” His tone stone cold.

Evie held her temper in check, just. Her fingers curled so her nails bit into her palms. “Some of Talbert’s hands were here last night.”

“Oh?” He angled his face away. “What did they want?”

“A pound of flesh? I don’t know exactly but I think you should return Mr. Talbert’s money.”

“Too bad.”

“Ben they were six men - angry, armed, men. Nothing I said satisfied them. I went in the house, shoved the table in front of the door while they rode around outside shouting threats.”

“Just trying to frighten you,” Ben dismissed her words with a wave of his hand.

Her jaw dropped. She’d been scared out of her mind with good cause. Their homestead was a good hour from the town of Cedar Ridge, the nearest neighbor miles away, unspeakable things could happen to a woman alone out here. Ben knew that.

“Well it worked. I was terrified long after they left, sat up all night with the rifle in my lap.”

“So you were fine.”

Her body went rigid with indignation. “I was not fine.” She spoke slow, precise, each word distinct. “You should have been home. I needed you.”

“I can’t be here to baby you, all the time.”

“I don’t expect that,” Anger as bitter cold as the snowmelt fed creek she stood beside knotted her insides. “But when you kick up a hornet’s nest, you should face the consequences.”

“Fine, you made your point,” The cold, hard words shook her to the core, no trace of regret in his voice. “I’m leaving, have work to do.”

“Like you did last night? And what sort of horse training is done after dark?” Bitterness, sharp and painful, seasoned her words, crafted to provoke him.

“Don’t start in again,” His gaze locked on hers. “I have to support us.”

“There are other ways.”

“Which I tried, and they earned me a tiny cabin and an almost empty barn. There’s no reward for being good, doll.”

“How about honor and self respect?”

“I’d rather have the coin.”

“If you’re so pleased with this way of life why do you need to soak yourself in whiskey?”

“I need a drink or two to unwind.”

“You were full as a tick when you finally came home.”

“That’s my business.”

Her jaw clenched. Evie looked down, brushed a bit of dust off her skirt. A breeze caressed her face, brought the scents of moss and recent rain. “I don’t want to argue.”



“Evie for the love of-”

“But,” Her tone unyielding, she paused, looked up, met his gaze squarely then continued. “Things have to change.”

“Like?” His voice sounded dangerous, a confrontation itself.

“No more lying, cheating and-”

“That’s the way of the world Sweetheart.”

His sarcasm stung. “It’s wrong.”

“I do what I need to do and I will again,” He growled with conviction.

The day after Evie married, her brother and only living relative, Henry, had taken off in search of gold and she’d never heard from him again. Ben was all she had. It took no small measure of courage to stand firm.

“I won’t stand by and watch it anymore, you’re hurting these people.”

“Well you don’t have to.”

“You’ll stop?” Hope laced her voice.

“Of course.”

His voice, silky smooth, disturbed her. “That’s a sudden change of heart.”

“Maybe,” Ben moved close. “I only want,” His hand reached out, played with a loose strand of her hair, “To make you happy.”

Copyright © Lori Connelly

The day Evie met Benjamin Rolfe, a man with an unbridled enthusiasm for life and grandiose plans to match, she knew they'd marry and live happily ever after...
Five years later, her charming rancher is now a bitter, cynical stranger with a shaky moral compass. And after too many shattered dreams, Evie no longer believes in fairy tale endings.
When they lose the homestead and head out on the open road to start a new life in Oregon, their marriage is already strained to breaking point. Can their love survive this second chance?

The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge 
is available at the following:
Amazon  Kobo  Barnes & Noble 
All Romance ebooks  Itunes

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First Fight Friday: Candra's Freedom, Book II in The Golden Key Chronicles by AJ Nuest

Goats solve their differences head-on. They don’t give the silent treatment or yell, they butt heads, and then it’s over.

Cowboy Marvin has learned humans resolve issues differently especially those romantically involved. His curiosity sparked, he has invited authors to stop by on Fridays and share the first fight out of their latest book.

Fellow Harper Impulse author and a Fire Writer for Written Fireside: For Clara Parts 5 & 11 
[check out her Fire Writer Friday]

AJ Nuest is here for ...

First Fight Friday 

with a scene from 

Candra's Freedom, Book II
The Golden Key Chronicles

The key would unlock his future, and the safety of his kingdom, but he never imagined the sorceress would unlock his heart...

Lost in a world she doesn't recognize, Rowena struggles to find her place. Yet her abilities with a blade and the loyalty of a fierce falcon don't discourage the heated advances of the handsome Prince Caedmon, and the connection between them seems much deeper than her troubled heart can recall.

He dusted an imaginary speck off his shoulder, feigning indifference, and strolled to the side, the table pitching under his boots. “Imagine my surprise to learn you’d been training with the guard, my love.”

Her eyes narrowed into two glittering emerald slits, but whether in anger over his endearment or in challenge, he had yet to discern. “And you, I presume, are here to teach me my place?” She matched him pace for pace, maintaining the distance between them. “I hate to break it to ya, but your lessons come a little too late.”

He shrugged off her disdain. “On the contrary. I am nothing if not pleased with your progress. To see you’ve advanced thus far under Denmar’s tutelage warms my heart.” He locked his gaze onto hers. “I do, however, take issue with your methods.”

Her footfalls paused and she tipped her head. “You’re not making any sense. Stop talking in riddles and just say what you’ve come to say.”

Her fingers twitched near the deadly blades at her hips, a little too close for his liking. With an ear-splitting screech and rustle of feathers, that deadly falcon of hers careened in from above and alit on her shoulder. Its wings remained slightly spread as it chucked a grim warning, the continuous bob of its head another clue to what transpired behind its soulless black eyes.

This latest contestant was sizing him up, assessing the threat he represented.

“Your engagement ring, my love.” Silver hummed along his spine as he withdrew his blade and made a display of inspecting the sharply honed edge. “’Tis quite regrettable, really, and yet I’m told offered without hesitation.” He whipped the blade around and aimed the sharp tip straight at her chest. “Or do you deny you bartered my mother’s ring in exchange for your training?”

Her spine stiffened and the blood drained from her face. “Your mother’s ring? I-I didn’t... no one told...” Myriad emotions flitted across her lovely features—surprise, awe, regret—and at last an exquisite sorrow, hinting just along the corners of her eyes.

Her jaw clenched and she boosted her chin as if to rebuff his accusation. “What would you have had me do? I had nothing else of value in my possession.”

Not so. And her brusque dismissal cut him to the quick.

“You had my heart,” he snapped. “You’ve always had it. Though you’ve quite soundly dashed any delusions I may have embraced regarding its value. Sneaking behind my back, scheming to flee the very moment of my return.”

The color returned to her face thrice-fold, flooding her cheeks with an enticing luminescence. Short pants puffed from her chest and his traitorous c*** hardened and lengthened in response. She’d once worn the same captivating radiance in the throes of passion. Passion she’d shared with him.

“Scheming? Sneaking behind your back?” With a blinding glint of sunlight against silver, two lethal blades whirred home to the centers of her palms. “Since when do I need your permission for anything? You don’t own me, Caedmon. No one does.”

He internally scoffed. What fool would ever attempt ownership of one as spirited as she? Therein lay a path aimed straight for the bowels of hell. Security, trust and love are what he endeavored to build between them. Yet he would never achieve such a goal without her protected. Guarded. In his bed.

He affected his battle stance—one leg bent, the other extended to the side, sword high in both hands and at the ready near his right ear. “You will not depart the safety of the castle grounds until I deem the time is nigh. And if bloodshed is the only path to make you see reason, then more is the penalty I’m prepared to pay.”

“I knew it,” she spat. “I knew you were just like the rest of them.” She lowered her chin and her shoulders bunched. “All this talk of love when all you truly want is to control me.” Daggers spun and flashpoints slivered the air as she exacted her own battle stance—legs parted, arms crossed over her chest, deadly knives twirling to a stop on either side of her shoulders. “This one’s mine, Dart. All mine.”

The falcon screeched and lunged forward. A draft from the powerful down stroke of its wings washed Caedmon’s face before the bird corkscrewed and disappeared over his left shoulder.

Fury blazed like a perilous green flame in her gaze, and he tensed as an evil laugh slipped low and smooth from the flawless column of her throat.

“Brace yourself,” she warned. “This is gonna hurt.”

She whirled with mind-boggling speed. The artful tune of singing steel altered to a discordant twang as he deflected the hailstorm of her assault. Sword in constant motion, he pivoted and dodged. A rain of blades littered the table, chiming on impact, a promise of death with one fatal kiss. The floor pitched as she zigged then zagged in front of him, a torrent of silver spikes cloaking her advance.

Securing a thick rope, she ascended halfway up the nearest wall, dashed madly along the side and flew back, her white braid whipping the air. A thud damped his shoulders. His throat constricted when she wrung his neck between her thighs. The entire weight of her body swung pell-mell around his shoulders. His windpipe wrenched in the crook of her knee. His feet tangled with her rotation. The world slanted strangely off-kilter a moment before his back slammed the table below.

A groan of empathy unfurled from the crowd under the rattling clash of swords pounding steel as the guards displayed their appreciation for her skill.

He gazed dumbfounded at the pristine blue sky. Sweet t***, she had spoken true. That hurt like a w*****.

Copyright © AJ Nuest

Candra's Freedom, Book II in The Golden Key Chronicles by AJ Nuest

The key would unlock his future and the safety of his kingdom, but he never imagined the sorceress would unlock his heart…

Antiques restorer, Rowena Lindstrom, finds herself the owner of an ancestral armoire containing a hidden key and a magic mirror leading to another realm!

But the handsome warrior prince waiting on the other side is truly the final straw. This must be an elaborate joke, right? As she struggles to discover the truth, Rowena learns Prince Caedmon Austiere needs the key to save his kingdom. In the end, she cannot deny him anything. Including her heart.

Candra’s Freedom is available to buy at these places:  Amazon  | Amazon UK 

If you are still in love with the Disney princes of your youth, and wish one would show up in your bedroom late at night, then you will love this breathtaking fantasy romance series from 
AJ Nuest!

Rowena's Key       November 7, 2013
Candra's Freedom  December 12, 2013
Caedmon's Curse    January 9, 2014
Braedric's Bane  February 13, 2014

AJ's bio:

I am a multi-published, award-winning author who lives in the middle of a cornfield in NW Indiana. My loving husband, two beautiful children and a bevy of spoiled pets have agreed to stay and, in exchange for three rations per day and laundry service, tolerate my lunacy. While I spend most days happily ensconced in crafting romance across a multitude of genres, an underground coup has been percolating. The dogs just informed me the cat is secretly vying for dictatorship.

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The Fire Writers' Books

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Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop

Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop


The Cowboy Casanova Giveaway Hop 

is hosted by Lily Graison and will run 
February 12th – 16th 2014. 

What am I giving away?

5 winners will receive eBook copies of 
my Men of Fir Mountain novella, 

The Lawman of Silver Creek.
Use the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post to enter this giveaway

This giveaway hop is to celebrate Cowboy Casanova's. 

 What kind of Cowboy would capture your heart?

I love a strong cowboy who is willing to bend for the love of a good woman even when, and perhaps especially when, 
she vexes him.

Sheriff Matthew Marston is that kind of cowboy.

Excerpt from  The Lawman of Silver Creek:

Impossible woman. 

Matt turned on his heel. Long, quick strides brought him back to the bed. If she wants to walk all alone, fine, so be it. He pulled a boot on. She’s walked that path hundreds of times. He thrust his foot into the other boot. 

Matt searched among tangled bedcovers until he found his shirt, shoving his arms in the sleeves. Without buttoning it, he returned to the door and paused. I should let her be. His hand hovered over the knob. 

But what if- 

Jaw clenched, he grabbed his things off a peg on the wall. He crammed on the battered hat and shrugged himself into his coat. Matt jerked the door open and stomped outside, letting it slam shut behind him. 

Bright afternoon sun illuminated the sky. A few remaining clouds dotted the blue cover with grey. The sheriff headed down the path he knew Claire would’ve taken. Chilled air nipped at his skin, exposed where his garments gaped open. He ignored the cold’s bitter bite, focusing only on finding her. 

Brush oak and scattered fir trees clumped on either side of the old trail. His boots made no sound on the thick mat of pine needles and wet leaves so he covered the ground quickly, unworried that she would hear him coming after her. Matt caught sight of his target in minutes. He slowed, following only close enough to be certain of her safety. 

The half-mile trek cooled both his body and temper. When he reached her family’s land, Matt stopped at the tree line. He glanced back at the way he’d come, but couldn’t leave. His gaze returned to Claire, watching her cut across a field to enter the barn. He felt the urge to go after the stubborn woman and force the discussion clamoring within him. 

If she would just... 

Matt took one long stride forward then stopped, growling in pure frustration. Claire always dug in her heels when provoked, which in large part was how they reached this impasse. It would only make this bad situation worse if he backed her into a corner.

His gaze lingered on the oversized barn door. He leaned his back against a sturdy tree, reluctant to go. Independent and opinionated, Claire wouldn’t change her mind easily. Matt took his time buttoning his shirt up, lost in thought. He needed to come up with a different approach, one that would persuade her to come back to him, permanently.     

The Lawman of Silver Creek by Lori Connelly

As sheriff of Silver Creek County, Matthew Marson’s job is to look after his town. But when he fails to protect the most important person in his life, Claire, from an attack, Matt feels as though he will never be able to forgive himself.

Her husband-to-be’s newly found overprotectiveness drives the headstrong Claire from his arms. She can’t see a future with a man who won’t allow her to follow her dreams.

In a small town where everybody knows your name and your business, it’s impossible for the pair to stay apart, especially as Claire finds that she can’t completely turn her back on the lawman that she loves.

Read another excerpt which shares their First Kiss 

The Lawman of Silver Creek is available to buy at these places:  Amazon  | Barnes and Noble |  iTunes |  Kobo | All Romance eBooks     

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First Fight Friday - The Lawman of Silver Creek by Lori Connelly

Cowboy Marvin thinks my last interviews on other blogs were sweet and kisses are fine, but my goat wants more action on his Fridays here. 

His proposal is a feature where authors stop by and post the first fight out of their latest book. I'm offering up my own work to kick it off.


First Fight Friday 

from The Lawman of Silver Creek by Lori Connelly 

“Come back to bed.”

His drowsy voice startled Claire. Her head jerked in his direction. She had a clear view through the open door to where a few rays of light fought with shadows. Although Matt hadn’t moved, hadn’t even opened his eyes, tension filled her.

“The rain stopped. I have to go.”

“I don’t want you to leave.”

“I’m glad.” His simple declaration warmed her heart.

His eyes opened. Matt turned on his side and patted the bed beside him. “Then stay.”

His naked glory birthed a whisper of temptation within her that she found hard to ignore. Claire fastened her last button, smoothed down her skirt then walked back to him. She leaned down, brushed a kiss over his lips but then stepped back, out of reach, before his arms could close around her.

“I have chores that can’t wait.”

“Fine,” the word sounded more like a sigh, “I’ll help you.”

If he were with her when her family returned, Claire knew her parents would think they’d settled their differences. She didn’t want to deal with others’ expectations when hers were so fragile. She wanted to savor the first peace she’d felt since breaking off their engagement.

“No,” she shook her head, softened her tone, “Thank you. I’ll be fine on my own.”

Matt sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. He studied her for a second. Her skin tingled, heating as if he’d touched her. He reached down for his pants.

“I know you will, but two pairs of hands make quick work.”

“It wouldn’t be a good idea Matt,” With her flat tone and averted gaze, she made her rejection clear.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Claire finger brushed her hair and with brisk efficient movements wove it into a single thick braid. Her heart beat quickly as she struggled to keep her expression neutral.

“Okay,” disbelief colored his voice but he didn’t challenge her on it further. “I’ll just escort you home then.”

“There’s no need.” She walked back into the main room, swung her cloak over her shoulders and fastened it.

“Yes there is,” Matt followed her, “You know that.”

Irritation ate away at the contentment she’d found in his arms. She’d known seducing him wouldn’t solve anything. Still, Claire had hoped, if only for short time, the argument that had torn them apart wouldn’t rear its ugly head.

“I can protect myself now.”

His eyes narrowed. “One gun won’t-”

“That’s all you carry.” Annoyed, she grabbed her gun belt, pushed her cloak out of the way and put it on.

“That’s different.”


“Because it is,” He snapped.

“I don’t see how.”


“I’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“I won’t have you taking that risk,” His patronizing tone put her teeth on edge.

Her temper blazed. She fought to hold it in check. Her lips flattened into a thin white line, only parting enough to allow words to escape.

“It’s not a risk, it’s a walk home.”

“Humor me.”

Why couldn’t he let it go? “Trust me.”

“It’s not a matter of trust.”

“Yes it is.”

“I have a right-”

“Not anymore you don’t.”

“After what just happened-?”

“That changed nothing.”

Pants tugged up over his hips but unfastened, he stomped over to her. His stocking feet made almost no sound while his expression screamed frustration. Matt didn’t stop until they stood toe to toe.

“It changed everything.”

“Obviously not,” she shook her head for emphasis. “We’re arguing about your overprotectiveness again.”

“So our lovemaking meant nothing to you?”

The hurt in his stiff voice pierced her annoyance. She reached out to rest her hand on his bare chest, felt his heart beating strong and fast beneath her palm. “It means the world to me, more than I dreamed possible.”

His arms closed around her. She rose on her toes, placed a soft lingering kiss on his mouth. However, when he started to deepen the kiss, Claire pulled back.

“I really need to leave.”

Matt let her go with obvious reluctance. Fingertips slid one last time over bare skin as she turned from him. Without another word, Claire walked away. He didn’t follow her, didn’t even speak until her hand touched the doorknob.

“I’ll be over in the morning to speak to your father.”

Claire looked back at him, puzzled. “Why?”

“Why?” A stunned expression on his face, Matt stared at her for a full second, “to ask for your hand again of course.”


“No?” Startled Matt repeated her answer.

“I told you nothing has changed,” Claire opened the door and stepped into the opening. “I can’t marry you.”

Before Matt could protest, worn wood swung back into place behind her. He stared in disbelief at the barrier. The woman who had always loved to debate each point of a disagreement had simply left him again. Wind moaned against log walls, its lonely sound finding an echo in his heart.

Impossible woman.

Copyright © Lori Connelly

The Lawman of Silver Creek by Lori Connelly

As sheriff of Silver Creek County, Matthew Marson’s job is to look after his town. But when he fails to protect the most important person in his life, Claire, from an attack, Matt feels as though he will never be able to forgive himself.

Her husband-to-be’s newly found overprotectiveness drives the headstrong Claire from his arms. She can’t see a future with a man who won’t allow her to follow her dreams.

In a small town where everybody knows your name and your business, it’s impossible for the pair to stay apart, especially as Claire finds that she can’t completely turn her back on the lawman that she loves.

The Lawman of Silver Creek is available to buy at these places:  Amazon  | Barnes and Noble |  iTunes |  Kobo | All Romance eBooks     

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