Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Birthday present

My gift from my youngest son one year was the story posted below.  It has a special place in my heart.

Once upon a time, there was a mouse and no this is not teenage mutant ninja turtle so STOP ASKING!!! Okay anyway this mouse was effected by magical energies increasing her size and making her sentient. Okay that was a joke.  What really happened is that there was a race of mouse people. Death mouse was uh unique.  How do I know this?  Well I traveled with her on her crazy adventures. So without further delay here are
                                          THE ADVENTURES OF DEATH MOUSE
                                                   (yes she wanted it written like that)

It was a bright and sunny day when Death Mouse was "walking" down the road. She had a feeling that she was being followed. Then out of freaking nowhere came GRUMBLE BEAR!!!.  Already expecting this Death Mouse continued walking with her companion. They came to the town and right into a fight in a local tavern. The sheriff COOL CAT!! came and arrested the same repeat offender his brother RAGING BADGER!!.

Death mouse wanted to earn a name for herself as a hero.  She learned from Cool Cat that there was a dragon nearby that was worrying the townsfolk.  When Raging Badger finally calmed down he decided to go along with Cool Cat. They eventually reached the dragon's cave. Death Mouse was shivering with excitement to prove herself while the other's were working out a plan. Do to this she did not hear any of the plan which resulted in what happened next.

DEATH MOOOOOUSE!! she cried as she fearlessly charged into the dragon's lair. Did she just go in? Oh yeah stick to the plan guys, stick to the plan. Running in they came across a hilarious scene, a really annoyed dragon with a mouse attempting to stab him.
"Is this your mouse?" asked the dragon.
"Ah, yes."
"Could you please stop her this is getting annoying?
"Okay," Raging Badger agreed.  "Hey Death Mouse you can stop.  He appears friendly."
"APPEARS! You're the ones who came in to try to stab me!  You could have said hey are you going to attack us? I would have said no.  Why? Because I am a dragon librarian."
"A librarian?"
"Yes, what just because I'm a dragon I must be a mindless brute that will kill you all?"
"You thought that didn't you?"
"Ah yeah."
"Well now you know so could you please stop trying to kill me. Heck you could even invite the townspeople here for a feast from the elk I have hunted."
"Okay sure."
The dragon himself carved the roast elk.
"You know," said Death Mouse to the patient dragon, "That ending sound awfully familiar."
"Death Mouse you're breaking the rules of story telling, wait there's a rule book. I must enforce it," said Cool Cat. (sighing)
Patient Dragon said, "Happy Birthday to you Mom.  I hope you liked book one of the ADVENTURES OF DEATHMOUSE!! :)
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