Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Human kindness

Yesterday as we pulled up a four way traffic stop I witnessed human kindness.  A man in one of the opposite lanes coming toward us suddenly got out of his car, left the door open stepped into traffic, his arms wide.  People stopped, cars stayed where they were as the light changed green, yellow, red and green again to watch him.  He escorted a mama duck and her many tiny ducklings over four lanes of traffic to the safety of the sidewalk.  He returned to his car then but the ducklings were having trouble getting up the curb to join the mama off the road.  He zoomed across the lanes himself to park as close as he could to them, only then did traffic start to move.  Another man, the first car in the lane next to the babies pulled up beside them to protect them while the original man ran over to help.  Both men gave the ducklings quick nudges up onto the curb.  It only took moments but it left a powerful impression on me.  It reminded me how good people can be when they chose to be.
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