Saturday, June 15, 2013

I see the world as endless possibilities.

Throughout my life, frustrated and amused teachers, friends, and family members have and I’m certain, will comment on my tendency to daydream.  I often drifted off in class, still do on car trips, in the midst of various activities and, at times, even during conversations. 

Daydreams are a playground for my vivid imagination. Sitting in a classroom, listening to a boring teacher lecture in a monotone would send my mind off in search of entertainment.  What if we were really on a spaceship, maybe recovering from a world war or were refuges from another world and his monotone was a spell to protect us from... wait or maybe he’s using it to enchant us...  In an hour-long class, I could come up with some far out scenarios. 

While playing with what if answers helped me escape boredom countless times, I'm just as likely to drift off in the company of amazing and/or entertaining people.  They do or say something interesting, one spark and my mind builds a fire.  Everyone and everything in some fashion has or will be fodder for the flames. 

Inspiration for my stories is born from my boundless imagination because I see the world as endless possibilities. 

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