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First Fight Friday: On the Silver Edge of Time by Ciara Gold

Goats solve their differences head-on. They don’t give the silent treatment or yell, they butt heads, and then it’s over.

Cowboy Marvin has learned humans resolve issues differently especially those romantically involved. His curiosity sparked, he has invited authors to stop by on Fridays and share the first fight out of their latest book.

A Fire Writer for the

Ciara Gold 

is here for ...

First Fight Friday 

with a scene from 

On the Silver Edge of Time

Erik Lotharsson is sent forward in time to find 
the mate his people have chosen.

Keelin Haverland discovers her dreams of a Viking lover 

are of a man who claims to be from the past. 

The magic of an eclipse transports her to a time where modern conveniences don't exist, and love is but a heartbeat away.

Erik reached out a hand. “Keelin?”

“Don’t touch me.” She scooted as far from him as the space allowed.

“Truly, Dame, I meant no harm.”

She broke, shattering into tiny pieces. “What about Irma? My father? He -- he has a bad heart. How will he survive my disappearance?”

Erik’s weight made the ropes groan, but he folded her into his embrace and held her tight. “Time will ease your pain.”

“No!” She pounded on his chest. “Take me home, you bastard. You – you kidnapped me, brought me to a foreign world without my consent. I want to go home. Now.”

“Be still.”

“I want my dad. I want Irma.”

“I know. I wish I could give you …”

“What about my future? My scholarship. Oh God, you stole my dream.”

He frowned. “I am your dream.”

She sagged against his body, failing to feel the familiar stirring her dream usually brought her. “My dream wouldn’t have taken all I hold dear.”

Her cheek rested against his chest, and she inhaled his musky scent. “Whatever my psyche tried to prepare me for, it wasn’t this.”

“I, too, experienced a wealth of emotion at being thrust into your century. I’ll do what I can to ease your way.” He brushed the hair from her face.

Of a sudden, panic bubbled inside, and the enormity of her situation became an oppressive weight threatening to destroy her sanity. Uncontrollable shivers took hold, and her lungs burned from rapid breathing. Time travel wasn’t possible, yet the evidence proved overwhelming. “I – I can’t be here. This – this can’t be happening.”

“Fintan, quick. Do something. Demons have hold of her body.”

“Ach now, ’tis only fear. Just hold her tight and let it run its course.”

Through a fog, Keelin heard the words, felt the strength of Erik’s embrace. She took great, gulping breaths, trying to master her emotions. The dreams had been a warning. If only she’d understood, she wouldn’t have climbed into the car with Erik, wouldn’t have trusted either Sank or Erik. How could she have misinterpreted her visions so poorly? How could she be so na├»ve?

“Easy now. I truly mean you no harm,” Erik whispered against her cheek.

She calmed her breath, wondering what she should do next. How would she manage? She was among strangers in a place where few amenities exited. How was she going to survive?

The answer was simple. She’d find inner strength and make her father proud. No obstacle ever stopped a Haverland before. Something had propelled her through time, to a past that wasn’t hers. If there exited a portal to the tenth century, there exited one to the future. Erik had found the means to travel forward and so would she. No matter what it took, she’d find her way back home. She blotted moist eyes with the back of her hand. This was but a bump in the road.

Her panic subsided, replaced by a more manageable emotion – anger. She lifted her head to glare at him. “You can let go now. I – I won’t break.”

“You still tremble.”

“No thanks to you and a lack of strong coffee.” She pushed at the bulging muscles that held her prisoner and was chagrined to hear her voice crack. “I – I don’t know what plans you have for me, but you can bet your bottom dollar, I won’t be a piece of clay you can mold at will. Far from it.”

He chuckled and stroked her arms. “I am well pleased you are not clay.”

“Egads.” She shoved a knee into his stomach. “You’re a brute.”

Her actions brought a swift response, one she wasn’t prepared for. He crushed her against his chest and lifted her from the bed. His eyes narrowed. “Best be advised that life is far different here than where you hail. Things will be much easier if you comply.”

“Comply with whom? You?” Her voice came out breathy, tainted with a dose of fear.

“And no other, Maid.” He released her and stepped back. “The collar marks you as mine. Best you not forget.”

She touched the choker and groped for the clasp. The fastening wouldn’t open. After a frantic attempt to remove the piece of jewelry, she planted her angry gaze upon his smirking face. “Take it off.”

“Nei.” His gaze fell to her expose flesh where the overlarge tunic gaped. “I need to find you clothes better suited to your frame. We’ll discuss your position once you’ve had a chance to calm down and accept all that has occurred.”

Calm down? Was he nuts? The cyber gremlins must have carted off what few brain cells the man possessed.

“Come Fintan,” he said. “I’ve a need for warmer company.”

The curtain fell back into place after he and Fintan left. She plopped onto the bed and dug her fingers into the finely woven blankets. A fresh wave of anger filled her heart. All these years she’d been fantasizing about a Viking lover, believing her soul mate was Sank. She assumed the dreams predicted a timeless love, but instead, they’d provided a warning she’d failed to heed. A tear trickled down her cheek, and she wiped it away, determined to weather this new experience without crying. Anger she could deal with. Self-pity she could not.

Copyright © Ciara Gold


An eclipse yields a powerful force, an energy harnessed by those with magic in their souls. When the moon slips between the earth and the sun, a mighty wizard evokes the elements of nature. With ancient, Celtic incantations, he sends a mighty Viking jarl soaring through time to bring home his destiny.

Erik Lotharsson is sent forward in time to find the mate his people have chosen. He has no idea the journey he travels will be one of heart and soul. Nor can he imagine the trials he must face in taming a modern woman to his point of view.

Keelin Haverland has experienced dreams of a Viking lover for several years and fixates her attention on an acquaintance with a striking resemblance to her dream lover. She soon discovers her dreams are of another, of a man who claims to be from the past. The magic of an eclipse transports her to another time where modern conveniences no longer exist, and love is but a heartbeat away.

Betty Jean Pryor of 
The Pagan and The Pen Book Reviews wrote:

This book is a page turner. Have you ever dreamed of being able to travel to a different time? This book will definitely allow you to do that.

Keely is a college student, on her way to graduation and grad school, studying art. Her erotic dreams have her attracted to a very sexy man. She finds out that the man that she thought was the target of her dreams may not actually be the one. When she goes back with Erik, she finds out that all the things she believed about her life are not as she thought.

Erik is the leader of Njord and is sent forward in time to find Keelin and to bring her back with him. He arrives in the 21st century with no knowledge of English or all the changes over 11 centuries. While in this time, he finds out truths about his life that had been hidden from him.

There are many twists and turns that occur throughout the story. Just when you think that you have things figured out, Ms. Gold throws a curve ball. All of the characters interact very well. 

I believe that, whether male or female, the reader will connect with one of the characters in this book. The author does a great job making the hero and heroine seem very real. On The Silver Edge of Time is a combination of romance and suspense with a dash of science fiction/magic thrown in.

On the Silver Edge of Time
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Ciara's bio:

 I’m a native Texan with the twang to prove it. I consider myself well rounded (in more ways than one) with an interest in dance, music, visual arts, sailing, camping, sewing, gardening, and of course, writing. I hold a BFA with a major in art and a minor in math. Yep, that’s right, math. You know that whole right brain/left brain thing? I tested right down the middle. Oh, and here’s a side note. At one point in time, I worked as a dental assistant. I took a pretty mean x-ray. But that was many moons ago. Now, I just work at my art and write. I’m married to a wonderful man who works as an investigator during the week and a carpenter during the weekend. Our home is filled with pieces of handbuilt furniture. I am also blessed with two wonderful children.

And that, my friends, is who I am. I hope you enjoy reading my sci-fi futuristics and my historical westerns.

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