Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A day in the life of an aspiring author

Wake up – Almost always a good way to start the day, I find it invaluable in most situations.

Calm down the dogs - The minutes I took to dress without them have them excited to see me again.  Reminds me why I love dogs.

Feed the afore mentioned dogs.

Power on laptop.

Feed my goldfish in outside Aquaponics.

Return to computer and bravely click open email.  Remind self that no news equals no rejections.

Open work in progress.  Stare at what I wrote yesterday, grimace, and then rework it.

Receive excel worksheet from a very nice fellow writer who uses it to organize.  Enlist youngest son to help me work with it awhile.

Take a break and read online article about writers needing to build a social platform. 

Log onto twitter because article reminded me I need to build on my social platform.  My mind blanks when I try to think of what to say.  I’ve read tons of conflicting advice. 

I surf web for what to tweet.  Found Things for authors to tweet and 100 things to tweet

Hear my family trying not to disturb my ‘writing time’ and smile as I finally tweet then retweet cooler things others sent out. Remind myself I need to learn how to tweet a picture.

Log onto my Facebook author page, stare at it a moment then remember I know how to post photos on it and upload one.

Pat myself on back for building on my social platform.

Worried now I spent too much time on my platform and not enough actually writing, click off my browser and return to my story outline which needs work.

Time passes.  Brain starts to melt.  I save what I've created, get up, and interact with my family – what can I say they’re cute.

In the evening, the quiet night hours, that’s my favorite time to write which is when I wrote this post for my blog.

Now it’s time to return to my story...

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