Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some interesting facts about Oregon settlers

Like Ben and Evie Rolfe in The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge (click the link to read and excerpt) people traveled to Oregon hoping in search of better conditions and/or opportunities, to escape from problems or wanted adventure. 

Pioneers often slept under their wagons because the wagons were full of their possessions.  
They cooked by campfire using iron pots and skillets, often they cooked only in the evening and ate cold leftovers for breakfast and lunch.  

They ate food that didn't spoil.  Beans and rice, dried meat, salted bacon, dried fruit, hardtack.  They took flour and sugar and sometimes baked bread or biscuits.  They drank coffee, tea and many families took along a milk cow for fresh milk and butter.  They hunted for fresh meat and traded with natives for fish and vegetables.

Traveling in wagons back then was bumpy.  The wagons had no springs.  The dirt roads were full of potholes and bumps, were muddy when it rained and dusty when it didn't.

My source and where to go if you'd like to learn more   

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