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First Fight Friday: Man vs. Socialite by Charlotte Phillips

Goats solve their differences head-on. They don’t give the silent treatment or yell, they butt heads, and then it’s over.

Cowboy Marvin has learned humans resolve issues differently especially those romantically involved. His curiosity sparked, he has invited authors to stop by on Fridays and share the first fight out of their latest book.

An author for Harlequin 
and HarperImpulse

Charlotte Phillips 

           is here for ...

First Fight Friday 

with a scene from her latest Harlequin release

Man vs. Socialite

One man. Jack Trent. 
Star of Survival Camp Extreme. 

One socialite. Evie Staverton-Lynch.
Star of Miss Knightsbridge. 

One joint show.

Let the battle begin!

‘Doesn’t really matter who’s wrong or right.’ The executive producer took over at the head of the table. ‘I don’t care and the viewing public don’t give a toss either. The only thing that’s important is that putting the two of you together right now is TV gold.’

‘Survival Camp is a serious premise,’ Jack said. ‘Not some reality-show fluff. It has a serious message behind it. Look at her.’ He waved an incredulous hand in Evie’s direction. ‘She wouldn’t last five minutes. Absolutely no way.’

The instant dismissal fired up a surge of defiance in her belly.

‘I’m as fit as you are,’ she snapped at him.

He laughed out loud and indignant anger burned in her cheeks, undoubtedly clashing horribly with her pink designer suit.

‘You really think a few yoga classes can give you the stamina to cross a river unaided, sweetheart?’ he shot back.

‘I’ll do it, Evie said. 

What choice did she have? Without this show her public image was worth nothing. There would be no more magazine articles, no more talking-heads fashion slots on daytime TV. Her fledgling jewellery business would fail before it even began. She’d be back to the quiet life, cruising along with no aim or direction, and this time the quiet life would probably come with hate mail. 

‘I’ll do the foraging and the sleeping outside and the rubbing sticks together to make fire,’ she said. As an afterthought she added, ‘I’d prefer not to do water though.’

Jack laughed mirthlessly.

‘You think you can get through an outward-bound weekend without getting wet, sweetheart? You obviously haven’t watched the show. Think again.’

Copyright © Charlotte Phillips

Man vs. Socialite by Charlotte Phillips
One man. One socialite. Let the battle begin!

Jack Trent. Star of Survival Camp Extreme.
Ex-soldier, national treasure and all-round delectable bad-boy.

Evie Staverton-Lynch. Star of Miss Knightsbridge. It-girl, fashionista, and with a smile
that can charm anyone.

When an ill-advised comment from Evie about Jack’s reality TV show goes viral the producers are fuming!

And when they propose a joint show to harness the publicity it’s hard to tell who’s more horrified – Jack or Evie! But they can’t say no… and one unexpectedly sizzling night under the stars later it’s clear that the biggest battle will be keeping their hands off each other!

Man vs. Socialite 
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Charlotte is also a Fire Writer for 
Check out her fun Fire Writer Friday interview with Cowboy Marvin

Her other books which include the
Do Not Disturb Series

1 cheating ex, 3 bottles of white wine, an emergency pep talk from the girls… and this seemed like a good idea at the time:

Has American Tennis Pro Matt Stanton finally found his match in uptight hotel employee Layla Jones?

Christmas in London – a time for late night shopping on Regent’s Street or ice skating at Somerset House under a blanket of twinkling fairy lights, the warming, welcoming aroma of mulled wine in the air…

Or, alternatively, a time for bumping into the ghosts of one night stands past in Ella Scott’s case!

After losing her elderly parents, portrait photographer Anna will do anything to avoid losing the family home. When a friend who works at The Lavington, provides a hot tip – an A list film star is staying there with her rumored toyboy lover - Anna comes up with a plan.

A photo of them together could be the answer
to all her money problems.

Amy Woods is a brilliantly efficient wedding organizer, thanks to her ability to see past all the emotion and magic of ‘the big day’. She’s landed her dream job as Wedding and Events Manager at The Lavington. She needs to pull off her first wedding weekend without a hitch…

Unfortunately the groom turns out to be her marriage-phobic ex-boyfriend. Then she breaks her own rules and sleeps with the 
best man. Keeping on task isn’t easy as she gets to know 
Owen outside the bedroom. 

Charlotte's bio: 
Even as a child I loved stories. When I wasn't reading them, I was making up my own, usually with myself as the heroine. My writing is fueled by tons of coffee and years of daydreaming during my string of office jobs. All my books are the kind I love to read - funny, engaging it-could-happen-to-you stories and if they brighten someone's day, that's good enough for me :0)
I live in Wiltshire, England, where I squash my writing in between looking after my family, who have been taught not to notice that I'm rubbish at housework. I also have a bit of an addiction to American TV shows and timesuck social media games and it's really a miracle I get anything done at all.

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