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First Fight Friday: A Prince in Gangland (The Royal House of Dalvad Book 1) by Kenton Crowther

Goats solve their differences head-on. They don’t give the silent treatment or yell, they butt heads, and then it’s over.

Cowboy Marvin has learned humans resolve issues differently especially those romantically involved. His curiosity sparked, he has invited authors to stop by on Fridays and share the first fight from one of their books.


Kenton Crowther

     is here for...

First Fight Friday 

with a scene from

A Prince in Gangland
The Royal House of Dalvad Book 1

Lester and Gus are drinking one evening with Lino Franter. 
A man comes in and tries to intimidate 'Freaky' Franter. 
Lester welcomes the opportunity to jump in.


It took that boozy, bald-headed Northerner to go into the Silver Spade, see Lino there with his shoulders all padded up and shout:

'Is that f***** for real?'

The others at the table were offended. Lino shrugged. Lester began to twitch, clenching his fists and pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

'Toss-pots!' concluded the Northerner. With his three friends, one of whom was a local side of beef well known in the Silver Spade, he went to the bar.

Silence settled over the corner table. Gus was watching Lino, or the 'Zombie' or 'Freaky Franter', as people called him. Lino cocked his head, but showed no other reaction.

The newcomers perched themselves on bar stools. People either side moved away. Every so often the four of them would snigger, looking over their shoulders at the 'Freak' sitting at the table that was once again creating a lot of noise. One of the visitors muttered something about a 'geek t*** puffed up like wheat'.

Lester opened a window and one of the newcomers said he didn't like the draught. He came over to close the window.

'I can feel a real breeze,' said the guy, running his hand down his arm.

'That's not a breeze, it's this stuff known as fresh air,' said Lester with a menacing grin. 'Don't touch the window, pal.'

'OK, OK,' said the guy. He returned to his bar stool.

The MC got on stage.

'Please welcome the Bandar Log, a combo destined for higher things!'

Maybe they were. For a folk outfit they produced a fair racket.

It was during a rendition of 'Molly Malone' that the red-faced Northerner came over on Lester's coat tails as he returned with a tray of drinks. The man stood facing Lino. As the Bandar Log concentrated on their lament everyone felt that this was the clincher. Lester parked his tray of drinks.

Lino and the Northerner eyed each other, then Lino shifted in his chair and raised his padded shoulders.

At that moment the Northerner turned back to Lester and, taking up his friend's complaint, began arguing about the breeze from the window. Lester got the guy by the collar, hauled him outside and landed punches one two three. The skin and hair began to fly, not much of it from Lester. In the end the Northerner decamped with his retinue, shouting abuse.

'He's actually saying he WON that little bout,' said Lester, offended like.
Copyright © Kenton Crowther

A Prince in Gangland by Kenton Crowther

Rubbing Shoulders With the Heir Apparent

A bodybuilder, a hipster and a Church of England curate agree to accompany their enigmatic friend Lino Franter into another England. 

The idea? They will help Franter in his attempts to overcome and eliminate Farris Cable. With the aid of his paramilitary force called INTEG, Cable is bent on taking over the rightful domain of King Leonard VIII. 

This other England is a country full of forests and has a population of lower class 'hailfellas' and upper-class 'squires'. Television exists but has not caught on. However, the radio, the newspaper and the movie newsreel are highly influential. 

The four friends get involved with an aggressive street gang that has Dion, the Prince of Wales, as a member. They enjoy the simple pleasures of eating, drinking, smoking War Horse tobacco, and making love, but feuds and backstabbings are always getting in the way.

‘Lots of character and lots of colorful, diverse scenery. The author makes very clear, obvious distinctions between the social classes of the time period … 
The book is relatively fast-paced, with plenty of action scenes 
guided by skillful narration.’ Amazon review

A Prince in Gangland
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Kenton's Bio:

Kenton Crowther: former bricklayer's labourer, plasterer, paint sprayer. The writing: he now has eight ebooks out, but maybe the true triumph came some forty years ago when his notebooks were routinely passed around as entertainment among the school's hipsters.

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